Are We A Second Half Team?

After ten games, when I last complied this table, it was perhaps too early to tell – although that didn’t stop me putting the graph together anyway. But after 20 games (as many as 23 for some), the evidence is starting to build: is your team a ‘second half side’? As a fan, can you look forward to rip-roaring comebacks, or is your team more likely to grab defeat from the jaws of victory? The table below shows how many points each team has won or lost after half-time so far this season: (Please click on the ‘fullscreen’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner for a better look)

So the picture is not quite as obvious as it seems from the half-time league table alone, which is in part down to the disparity in games played – Lewes and Carshalton have played 23, and Met Police, Thurrock and Lowestoft only 17, for instance. What is certain, however, is that Whitehawk owe much of their success so far this season to their second half performances, having gained a remarkable 12 points after the break. Margate have also tended to finish games strongly. Perhaps it’s not surprise that they’re the top two in the ‘real’ table…

PS The eagle-eyed will notice the numbers don’t balance: there’s a lot more points won than lost after half-time. That’s simply because so many games are tied at the break, and therefore it’s common for one team to gain two points – and for their opponents to only lose one point – during a second half.


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